Monday, December 31, 2012

From "Go Into The Story" Blog: My wishes for you 2013

From Denny:  Are you a budding writer or just a long term writer in need of a happiness boost?  I ran across this delightful post of a New Year's blessing from screenwriter Scott Myers that was in my Blogger reader.  It's a wonderful wish to lift your spirits and keep you writing on that special novel or other piece that has hit a few bumps in the road.  He's an excellent teacher and you might want to follow his blog too!

This is a very short excerpt:

My wishes for you 2013

This humble blog exists for many reasons and a primary one is to try to elevate the quality of the scripts that funnel into Hollywood and other filmmaking centers worldwide. We deserve better movies. And that starts with a screenplay.
In that spirit, here are some wishes I have for each of you in 2013.
May you be creative.
May you develop a relationship with your Creativity that enables it to grow.
May you channel your Creativity into an empowering writing process....

To read the entire post, go to this link.


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