Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Truth Journal: Colbert, Daily Show Videos: Naughty Government, Funny NSA Leaker Jokes

Stephen Colbert as the fictional Stephen Colbert

A Truth Journal: Colbert, Daily Show Videos: Naughty Government, Funny NSA Leaker Jokes: From Denny:  When NSA Leaker Edward Snowden poked the hornets' nest of the intelligence community (IC), the military, private contractors, the government and the Justice Department they geared up into a defensive posture like never before this week.

Their collective backlash was the usual heavy-handedness of the 800 pound gorilla, heaped upon one individual they figure is an easy win, which only made the government look worse to the casual observer, especially the enthusiastic voting demographic under the age of 30.

Clearly, the government agencies are laying out the case to the court of public opinion, hoping to turn the public against Snowden so they have an excuse to either give him the death penalty or send out another wave of assassins. It's a shameful attitude and excessive behavior.

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